Collagewall Sample Kit

Collagewall Sample Kit: Metal (CWP134)

We've partnered with ChromaLuxe® to offer an inexpensive way to test out the Collagewall system.

This sample kit includes all the parts needed to make a small, 3-sq-ft Collagewall metal display, specifically Collagewall layout 033 (PDF).


  • 5 ChromaLuxe® glossy aluminum panels: 11x11 (2), 5x11 (1), 5x5 (2)
  • 2 12x18" backsheets
  • 2' x 1½' grid paper
  • 13 push-in pegs
  • 20 foam spacers

In addition, you will need standard sublimation equipment and supplies.


  1. Order a sample kit from us.

  2. If you haven't already, view the Collagewall overview for labs (PDF).

  3. Print out the instruction sheet for layout 033 (PDF).

  4. Design the collage. This layout requires two 11x11 panels, one 5x11 panel, and two 5x5 panels.

  5. Once you have the kit, produce the panels.

  6. Watch how you assemble Collagewall orders (Video).

  7. Assemble the order.

  8. Install the display yourself or give it to a novice user to really test the process.

Hardboard sample pack (COLWSPP)

Want to test the hardboard panels instead? Purchase the above sample kit AND this pack of 5 adhesive, black-edged panels straight from the supplier, Consolidated Photo Packaging.

Email Letty at Consolidated to purchase the Collagewall® Sample Pack (COLWSPP). It includes 5 black-edged hardboard panels: 11x11 (2), 5x11 (1), 5x5 (2).

When the boards arrive, follow the steps above.